he asked & I said Yes!

We’re Engaged!


a Moment alone

before the groom be shown

to the delight of his heart

a work of art

down the aisle

a Graceful glide

to my side

a tear of joy

I cannot hide



getting Ready with the Girls

Your nearest & dearest. They were elated and danced with joy when you told them you’d be wed to the man of your dreams, your best friend. Now the big day has come and they are here with you making sure you’re the princess you were meant to be. Wiping away a tear of joy as they wait with the handsome groomsmen while you come down the aisle to you prince.

a Moment with the Boys

You have awesome adventures together. They have your back. Now they are here with you to celebrate the transition from bachelorhood to being married with the love of your life, your best friend. Though she’s the one who will have your back now, they will always be there for you.


…the Day is around the corner

The venue is set, the catering determined and the invitations sent. Two major things still need to be chosen: the weddings dress and the photographer. 

I am no seamstress, my craft is not with needle and thread but with lenses: I am a professional photographer and I love capturing moments of love, life and joy.

My name is Soulby Jackson